Black, grey, and orange fur; blessed with a heartwarming purr.

Found alone in the cold, she shared our home.

A few days spent feasting on tuna, our attention kept.

Barely past a kitten, both of us were smitten.

Reluctantly returned to the land, she sadly found her end by careless man.

Death was swift, her time with us a precious gift.

Of her we loved and cared for, these memories we have forever more.

by Nicholas Byrley

My wife and I found our selves temporary hosts to a young cat who we found sheltering in our doorway for warmth. The cat was a little scrawny but not starving. We were never sure if it was just one of the cats we always seem to have wandering around our apartments or someones runaway pet. She had a good temperament and didn’t act feral in the slightest so we assumed she had been raised indoors.

Not wanting to leave the little cat in the cold we sheltered her through a few pretty nasty cold days, using my bathroom as a temporary cat lodge. We gave her attention and all the tuna the little thing could eat, She started going stir crazy so we let her back outside. We couldn’t keep her ourselves due to the 400$(crazy, right?) pet deposit we’d have to pay.

She came back around for a few days and we started putting a box with blankets outside our door for her to sleep in, and left food for her in the morning and evening. Sadly I found her run over in the street after coming home from work one day. Its terrible when money and such gets in the way of giving defenseless animals a loving home. But I like to think she was loved for those last couple weeks of her life.

Perhaps it would have been better to take her to an animal shelter, but life is not guaranteed there and love is a little more impersonal. So to that little cat my wife dubbed Speckles, this poem is for you. Nap well, purr often, and enjoy your eternity with tuna little one.


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