A Child’s Eyes


A Child’s Eyes

They behold the world with a wide open gaze, captive and curious.

Everything they see draws their attention, each new sight a bit more mysterious.

In them they always behold a vision of wonder.

For them there is no whisper, no hint of what really likes under.

All too soon this glamor fades, innocence meeting its inevitable demise.

Such is the journey, the final destination of a child’s eyes.

by Nicholas Byrley

My musings during my idle moments today led me to write this poem. The night before I was led to wonder at my little girls innocence. I  had watched her become utterly transfixed by a wind chime we have hanging as a kitchen decoration. She must have stared at it for ten minutes, cooing and moving about before she finally got bored. To my little daughter, it was simply the most amazing thing. I think its a little depressing that we lose that sense of total marvel as we age. That ability to take something in and be amazed just at the sight of it.

We live in an awe-inspiring world made mundane by our failure to view it  as such. We are constantly overloaded with images and sounds, made jaded and desensitized. That part of us that can look at a sunset and cry loses a bit more of itself every day. I can only hope it is never truly gone. That perhaps it is only dulled and slow to awake, and within us it waits to be touched and impressed anew.

For now I will bare witness to its existence through the twinkle of my daughters eyes and the sound of her laughter. For her the astonishing awaits around every corner and I want to be there to see it with her.


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