Little Personalities


On Becoming a (little) Person

One of the best things about being a parent so far has been watching my daughter’s personality develop. She has come a long from the drowsy little bundle that could only cry to communicate. Now she is a vibrant little person well on her way to becoming a person. In the morning, she doesn’t greet us with crying like she used to. Now when she wakes up she likes to lie there and talk for awhile. Not sure if its the Hello Kitty mobile or the crib or what random thing she talks to, but she is contented by it. Gradually she gets louder as she decides its time for mommy or daddy to come get her, raising the volume of her talking until we pick her up.

Shes discovered something of a laugh and an ear-piercing squeal already. My little girl loves to squeal when shes having fun, then look around for my wife or I to see if we see what she does. Sadly, wearing the mantle of a grownup means we lack appreciation for such things. But we always laugh together with our daughter, its hard not to. Our Eden is a curious mellow little girl, easy going and always watching the world around her. My mother says I was much the same way when I was growing up. Always looking around, wanting to take it all in.

Every day now brings my daughter more into focus, herself becoming more and more clear. We wonder who our daughter will take after the most, my wife or I. Or if perhaps she will be like neither of us and just her own person. I keep telling my wife I’m going to turn her into a nerd so that nerds will outnumber her in the house. I joke, of course. I really just want her to be her. So taking the great Carl Rogers advice, I will be accepting of who she is even as I parent her and try to guide her. This is another one of those thin lines to walk, but that’s for someone else to worry about. I know our little girl will turn out fine, just as surely as I know the sun will rise.

She has her mother’s looks, my easy-going attitude, and all of our love. So how can it possibly be otherwise?


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