The Week in Semi-Review


A Glimpse Into My Life

It’s finally Friday, that magical time of the week where everyone suddenly finds themselves in a good mood. The weekend looms and the possibilities are endless. So what are my wife and I doing you ask? She is currently napping and I am writing this on my kindle fire whilst entertaining our daughter in another room. It has been a busy week for us and promises to be a busy weekend as well.

My wife had to endure four interviews in her search for a job this week, the last one being earlier today. Despite all of the interviews she’s received no final confirmations on a job yet. The interest is encouraging but it’s left her drained from rushing about and waiting. She is more than willing to return to the workforce and the drawn out process of resume submission and scheduled interviews is trying her patience.

As for myself tomorrow marks the sixth day of my work week. I actually volunteered for the work though, to get a little bit of extra time. Saturdays are almost always a more relaxed affair so I’m not dreading it or anything. I’ll work probably seven-ish hours before being released to enjoy the rest of the day. After that it’ll be off home to my wife to relax a few hours with her before heading out with a friend who’s treating me to a showing of the Hobbit that evening.

Sunday brings us a morning spent in worship, my niece’s birthday party, and most likely dinner at my mother-in-laws. All in all, a full weekend to top off a full week.

Blog-Wise, it has been a little tricky to ensure a post-a-day with all the rushing about. I actually only got last nights post in four minutes until midnight. Still, I managed to keep to my deadlines and continue the thirty days of writing. I’m happy I stuck with it, and I’m looking forward to finishing out the full thirty days.


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