Thy Name Is Sleep

I have a bad relationship with sleep. Namely, I find it a huge waste of time. There is just so much that could be done with the time any given person spends sleeping. Lets look at the numbers for just a minute. If you could find a way to sleep two less hours a day by the end of the year you will have gained 720 hours awake, or 30 full days of time. Imagine what you could do with all of that. The books you could read, the time for writing, thinking, anything really. Instead, we find ourselves chained to a bed for at least several hours a day.

Now I only sleep on average about four to five hours a day but I still regret losing that time. The problem with sleep is of course the less you get the more side affects you start to suffer thanks to sleep deprivation. Fatigue, illness, hallucinations, impaired abilities, and general craziness. I have for years been searching for the perfect medium, just enough sleep with little to no side affects. Every time it feels as if I have gotten a good ratio going I end up crashing and sleeping for twelve to thirteen hours.

I am sadly like an addict coming back to a drug I no longer want but still crave. No matter how many times I get my life back in order and my habit under control, it creeps back in. Perhaps I’m overstating it, but I really don’t like the lost time. I also enjoy the quiet time in the middle of the night more than I do sleeping. The other side of this problem may be that I do not remember my dreams except very rarely. I assume I do dream as often as anyone else, I just can’t recall them. Sleep might mean more to me if I could remember them easily.

It might then be something I actually looked forward to. The summing up of a days worth of information in a jumble of images slapped together as a story on the spot by my unconscious. That’s the kind of thing I could get behind. However, until that I day comes I shall continue to shake my fist at the sandman and wonder how much more productive I’d be with two extra hours to spend…


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