The Knight’s Lament


The Knight’s Lament

I am the Knight of Sorrows, the sworn protector of my fallen kingdom.

Birthed in steel and flame, I am am bidden to fight.

My sword has been stained red, armor dented, and my heart made weary.

Still, all this was not enough.

More, my kingdom asked of me.

So to it I gave my sons, my wife, our only daughter.

Gone to fire, gone to blade.

The walls have been toppled, the fields sown with salt.

My kingdom has been stripped of all but its endless woe.

We have fought the last battle, we have lost the war.

Only I remain, burdened with the ghost of a fallen kingdom.

Together we ride and I can do naught but heed its wordless cry.

Vengeance it demands, vengeance it shall have.

by Nicholas Byrley

Another Saturday at work, another easy few hours. But within those hours I had a most important revelation. Poems can be fiction too! With this in mind the poem flowed out quickly and easily. I am a lover of history, fantasy, and science fiction. So stories such as these are always bouncing around my head looking for an outlet. It was a lot of fun to turn this one from a story fragment into poetry. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

If everyone likes this I can dig around to see what other fragments and scraps I have. Lots of potential for some poems in them, might even motivate me to actually turn them into the short stories I had imagined. I have countless fiction ideas that could at least come out as poems. Tell me what you think, I really appreciate all the comments. I’ll have another post up tonight for those following.

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