The Witches of the Waste

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The Witches of the Waste

‘Ware to you o’ traveler of these broken lands and heed my call this day.

There is a blight upon this place, a curse out of ancient times.

For among us the witches walk, the singers of the olden ways.

In their hands the steel does fly, dancing to their eldritch tune.

These wastes are their killing grounds and we are all there prey.

Rid yourself of the relics of our past, for with these the witches play.

Heed me now for your own sake and ‘ware the witches night or day.

by Nicholas Byrley

I’ve always been a big fan of post-apocalyptic settings. Its just all very romantic with the end of the world and the collapse of modern society and whatnot. I also love the aspect of tech that survives the fall of man becoming akin to magic to the remnants of civilization. Gives a lot of room for development of different scenarios and all kinds of fun setups. This is another story fragment I’ve had bouncing around for a while, just the basic premise of what I was thinking of. Its really fun to do these and I think I might go back now and see if I can really generate a short story from it. The words are looking for an outlet now that they’ve had a taste of the outside. Let me know what you think.


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