State of the Blog

In Summation


So I actually hit that magical goal of thirty days of writing. It has been a busy day though, so I don’t have the theme update I was hoping for. I’m also still debating upgrading to pro, but I can’t bother with that until I get paid again anyway. In the meanwhile, I’d like to list off the numbers.



60 Follows

429 Views (Not sure how many unique viewers, can’t find that.)

37 Comments (About half are my replies.)

13,194 Words

34 Posts


This is all thanks you readers out there, I hope you stick around for the next thirty days as well. I’m going to be doing my best to keep it entertaining. My goal is to move into more effort on flash fiction and writing some actual stories. I also have been enjoying my poetry a lot, its more fun to write than I thought it would be. As for my random rants and idle thoughts, I’m not sure. I seem to be hit or miss with my topics and I’m not sure anyone finds it interesting. I suppose even if there is no large demand for it my ranting is still practice writing.


I guess I will continue to blog about the obscure notions of my mind and the happenings of my life. I’m sticking to a post-a-day from now on, with the next goal being thirty years. I figure if after thirty years of writing every day I’m not a writer still, I can probably call it quits. Thanking you all again and wishing you all a good night. Stay tuned for more randomness.


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