Spot the Differences


There are 88 in Total


I hope everyone enjoy the new digs. I browsed the free themes awhile and this one seems to have pretty good flexibility with a layout I like. I have no idea of the number of actual differences, but 88’s a good a number as any. I had planned to have a poem up today, but sadly it was not well received by its target audience. Can’t share a poem written for a woman that she doesn’t like, that’s poetry 101. Maybe someday I’ll sneak it in somewhere, let it see the light of day. Revisit them and see what I can do to spruce them up.

I’m still going to be tinkering with the layout some, trying to organize things a bit better and have it more easily digested by the eyes. In the meanwhile feel free to comment on the changes or suggest any useful widgets I might not be using. Still new to wordpress and the whole blogging thing, so I’ll gladly take advice on such things.


Today is Valentines Day, the federally mandated day of love for your significant other. It is a reminder to us all to do a special thing for that special someone, though we shouldn’t need a day to mark such occasions. Still, the day does put you in the mood to reminisce. I fondly recall when I first met my wife, when I first looked into her eyes and knew I wanted to marry her. Its coming up on two years now for us, the anniversary of our wedding. Marriage is a wonderful thing, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life beside my wonderful spouse.

I couldn’t imagine spending it any other way, but that is not the case for many. I feel marriage gets quite the bum wrap these days in popular opinion. The most common complaint I get out of people who tell me they aren’t getting married is “I don’t want to go through a divorce”. As if somehow breaking off with your loved one without a legal contract is easier to bare. The emotions involved and the shared memories are the bigger issue than who gets the golf clubs. I also hear “I don’t believe in marriage”. Which I’m not sure if that means they don’t believe in monogamy and spending their life with one person, or just the faith involved.

I also don’t like the attitude of “I don’t want to get married so I can keep my options open”. You can’t commit to someone while spending your spare time looking for the next new thing. Its not fair to anyone involved. I think I’m getting kind of ranty now, so I’ll stop it here. I just get worked up about it. In this and perhaps the past generation we will have many children asking why mommy doesn’t have daddy’s last name, or who will never know what marriage is outside of antiquated sitcoms.


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