The Law of Blades

The Law of Blades

The Arbiter strikes the call, announcing a judgement to be made.

Forward the proxy’s come, their swords for justice’s aid.

The quarrel explained, a duel commenced.

A dance of death, a dance of honor, an argument waged in steel.

One will fall, one will stand, the accused tested by blood.

Justice triumphs, the dispute won by the clash of blades.

Victory ends the fight, the price paid in flesh.

by Nicholas Byrley

I have another story fragment of mine turned poem tonight. This one is more of a fantasy lean, with a medieval feel and flavor. Its a simple idea, just a society who’s laws were entirely decided by contests of steel. Naturally a proxy would be the preferred choice in settling disputes, and you create an excellent basis for characters with that setting. I’ve been toying with it for awhile, trying to get the right feel for it to start writing. For now, I’ll sum it up as a poem, but I’m going to keep working towards turning it into it actual story. I think I love fantasy because it allows for absolutely any background or world setting, no matter how fantastic. The bizarre is expected and welcomed, it is welcomed rather than rejected. It may be a bit too easy to take shortcuts in a world who’s reality you control though, so it’s important to be aware of what actually adds to the setting.

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