Thrusters burn azure, the whole world shakes.

Sky alight with fire, an atmosphere transgressed.

Smart death avoided, steel clouds navigated.

Countdown to insertion, the prelude to battle.

Foreign air gusting, doors standing open.

Precious cargo away, the war continues.

by Nicholas Byrley

I saw this amazing picture and knew there was a poem in there somewhere, this is the result. A dropship setting down on a desolate planet, obviously for some interstellar war of some kind.  I also recommend this other ship on the same blog, another excellent sci-fi piece. I’m a big fan of spaceships in general though, so I may be biased. It’s off topic, but I think it’s a shame I’m unlikely to see mass space travel or the colonization of other worlds in my life. I have to live vicariously though the fiction and images of our time instead.

With the time off I have here with my daughter I have resolved to write a short story in the next couple of days. I don’t know an appropriate word length but I’ll research all that and then get started. More than likely it will be fantasy or sci-fi based. I just have to resist the urge I have to turn every story into a epic where I try to create thousands of years of back history. I enjoy creating worlds, but then I get lost in it and get nothing done. I will do my best not to doom another world to an unknown death. So, stay tuned and comments are appreciated as always. Be sure to head over to TXander if you dig the picture and give him a like.


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