The Ebon Crescent

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Image found at

The Ebon Crescent

Guardian and betrayer, the Crescent was one of us.

Wielder of the divine circle, his skills well honed.

Foolish and proud, hubris the cause of his fall.

Angry and alone, seduced by the servants of dusk.

Warped and twisted, imbued with dark power.

Vengeful and cursed, he is a beast among men.

He is the Ebon Crescent.

Another little blurb about DC Universe turned into a poem and yet another character I’ve created. This one an earth power/shield using flying villain. I tried to write a quick bit of flash fiction about it but I didn’t like the way it came out. So instead, I went with some poetry. He is your typical immortal cursed guy, flinging a shield around as a weapon and burying people alive in rock tombs. I had a whole bit linking him to the moon(which fits his costume design, where it features a black crescent moon). But I couldn’t find a good way to show it in the post. I get a kick out of seeing what the words do sometimes. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it.

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