Comic Books

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Comic Books

So I find myself slipping deeper and deeper into geekdom, and not caring how far it goes. I have been seduced by the lure graphic novels, the over-the-top and larger-than-life world of comic books. All the superhero movies have got me wanting to play superhero games, and then the same urge to read about them. There is not a lot out there book wise for superheros, its kind of a niche genre. But there are of course, millions of comic books. So I signed away the remaining non-geeky parts of me and dove in.

First up; Thanos. I saw the big purple lout at the end of the Avengers movie and wanted to know more. The man behind the curtain controlling the Chitari(sp?) and Loki. I wanted to see what he was all about and how he stacked up against the heroes. Turns out, hes just plain awesome. Like, if awesome were an element, he’d be made of it. I’m not going to sing of his exploits, since I don’t want to spoil anything. But really, its like if Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis the great Moriarty was a super powered villain with galactic-scale ambition.

Thanos plays with foe and friend alike, and accompanies it with his grin featured above. I would learn to fear him.

In the meanwhile I have been filling my Kindle with comic books, trying to catch up on the last decade of comics(Marvel and DC alike).  Favorites so far(beyond Thanos) have been Marvel’s Illuminati and Red Hood and Suicide Squad in DC’s New 52. Very good reads. I keep trying new comics(to me) to see if I like them, so I’ll gladly take any recommendations. Tell me what you all like and I’ll check it out.


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