First Taste

My lovely daughter.
My lovely daughter.

First Taste

A puckered lip, a confused expression.

Realization dawns, newness explored.

Glee and delight, a food savored.

Eager and hungry, a dish devoured.

One taste down, many more to go.

by Nicholas Byrley

So we have begun feeding our daughter “real” food now finally and I had to write a poem about it. Shes just the cutest most amazing thing sitting there, trying to figure out whats going on. We’ve fed her several vegetables and fruits now, her reaction a little different with each one. I used to not really be big on “firsts”, but I must confess that with my daughter that is changing. I looked forward to her first taste of real food. And I know I’m looking forward to other things like her first step and word. Each will be a little different, but very touching to me. And then come eighteen years from now when shes all grown I’ll be able to look back over the whole wondrous thing. Every first she gets I want to be there for, so I can remember it later. I know life intrudes at times and you can’t help but miss some of these, but I will really pray I don’t miss that many. I want to capture every moment that is filled with the magic and love that is raising a child. Its much too precious to let it slip away…

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