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Stress is one of those things everyone has to deal with. A constant nagging feeling that leaves you unable to rest or enjoy life. Or maybe it makes you irritable and prone to lashing out. Its effects are numerous, from your mood to your health and your relationships. Everyone has different ways of dealing with it. Myself, I try to just let it all go. If that fails, I play video games or read to take my mind off things. I also pray, which really should be my first choice but in the moment I often lose sight of it. My wife on the other hand deals with stress by praying of course, but also by just going out and getting away from it all, or by shopping. I think the different ways we all deal with stress is part of what makes up a person.

There are pitfalls to dealing with stress though. One might commit to heavy drinking, or nights of wild abandon. Neither of which will really reduce stress, and have problems of their own to deal with after the fact. There is also the urge to label someone as the cause of your problems(as if anyone can make you feel something you don’t choose). That person then becomes the focus of your aggression rather than dealing with your own choices. I have been reading the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud and doing a sort of workshop/class sponsored by my job. The book really hammers home how a lot of issues are self-made and that we don’t stumble into our problems.

The books focus is of course on how to build and maintain proper boundaries, and the effects of not doing so. But I feel it deals a lot with causes of stress in our lives as well. From giving in to others and feeling guilty about things to not really defining our relationships with family and others. I highly recommend it. I’m writing about this today because I know we all deal with stress and worry. Finding and keeping a daycare for our daughter has been an extremely stressful experience for my wife and I. As of right now, we still don’t even have a definite caretaker for her. But, we persist and we do so without letting stress dictate our lives. We don’t always succeed in fighting off the beast known as stress, but we are more aware of the weapons to deal with it now than we were in the past.


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