Slackin’ and Whatnot

Slackin’ and Whatnot

So I’ve been slacking lately, makes sense following my vow to write more. All the fake scam bloggers got me kind of annoyed with the whole thing, as I want actual likes and feedback not bot spam. I see now why some blogs don’t have a like option. The thought of those scammers attracting people with their fake likes just bothers me. I don’t know if I want to go that route or not, since I’ve seen a lot of good blogs through others that have liked me. It’s tough to decide. My work on m short story didn’t go that well this week either. I got a mere 700 words and I’m not too happy with what I wrote. I may have let the idea sit too long, or perhaps I’m just not sticking with it enough. I shall persevere.

More importantly, at least for the moment, is that the Medieval Fair is in town. My wife and I are going today, this’ll be our daughters first medieval fair though I don’t think she will remember it. My wife will find some nice jewelry and I will most likely buy another sword. Compliment that with good food, random folks, and lots to see and it should be a good day. The rain even decided to stay away this weekend and we’ve got a nice sunny day lined up. Hoping you all have a good day as well, and I’ll get started again on writing after the fair.

5 responses to “Slackin’ and Whatnot

  1. Our Ren Fair rolls around towards the fall. I have yet to understand why people would roam around armed to the teeth, but with all the weaponry zip tied.

  2. I just started to blog in March so I’m new to this. I take it you are referring to the special interest groups and sales folk with the term “scam bloggers?” I was excited when I got my first likes (I thought a small miracle since I’m blogging anonymously with a pen name and not telling but a few of my friends. Then I realized some were just trying to get me to like and follow their “charter school” or “make money blogging” pitches. I just figured it was a blogging culture thing I would have to get used to and do my homework before following.

    When I wrote something that had feminist views, some kind if filter caught a hilarious video cartoon “feminism is a sin” comment and I had to enjoy watching it before I deleted it.

    I don’t know. Is there something I’m missing? Maybe I’m just not big enough to draw the volume you are talking about. Here’s hoping I take some enjoyable blogging time to get there. Ciao!

    • It isn’t such a huge volume of scammers, only a few I’ve noticed. And then there are those that like every single post of mine, presumably just to build up traffic to their site. I think there must be some kind of bot that clicks like on all posts in a category. I see some people liking every single post of mine tagged writing and on all others similarly tagged. I suppose it shouldn’t bother me, I just would rather have no likes than to have those that mean nothing.

      Thanks for the comment though, I too hope you have lots of enjoyable blogging time before encountering those fake bloggers/like spammers.

      • Yeah, some people like anything that is tagged a certain way from my experience. It is frustrating, but don’t be discouraged.
        The Ren Fest in Louisiana is pretty fun. I am going to take my son for his first experience this year. Should be interesting. Maybe I will save myself some money and just buy a huge scabbard! Haha

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