80 Hours

80 hours. That is how many hours I worked between Monday and Saturday of this last week at my two jobs combined. Bit crazy and a bit exhausting, but not too bad. I really am enjoying working in a retail environment. I had a lot of different expectations coming into it. Fear about bad customers, being made into a salesman, and other such issues. I’ve gotten nothing but good experiences to relate however. Customers are generally friendly or just focused, and I like helping people find what they need.

It is kind of like playing trivia with strangers. Every right answer tickles that part of my nerd brain that likes to prove it knows things. Then I also do stuff like ‘zoning’, which is getting all product at the front and making sure it looks right. My touch of OCD makes that something I like doing as well. Then there are miscellaneous tasks to perform, but nothing really strenuous. All in all I find retail pretty easy and a definitely more relaxed setting from my job in a warehouse. There is also lots of interesting people to meet, pieces of their lives they relate in small conversations. I’ve always been an observer of people, so I must confess I do a lot of this as I work. Not staring or being rude, I just kind of try to figure people out.

As far as writing goes in my life, it has mostly been stalled still. I’ve written five or six poems I need to run through final drafts and get up on here, but nothing story wise. I have had some spare moments to myself in which to write, but I have been idling that time away with games or distractions. So, nothing new there for me. The only thing holding me back is of course, me. There is really not much more to say on that. I’m going to try (again) to get some of my poems up, but Sunday is a busy day for me. Gotta get ready for the week and try to grab quality time with the family. Hoping you all have a good Sunday and week.

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