Image found at leventep.deviantart.com.

Image found at leventep.deviantart.com.


I dreamt in words once, it was a waking dream.

That night has long since fled, chased away by star and time.

Now I find myself dreamless and wordless, lost and mute.

I am a stowaway in my body, my mind a shiftless transient.

Still I am drawn on to journey’s end, to the next beginning.

by Nicholas Byrley

Maybe I’ll figure it out some day.

Been working my usual hours but now starting a week of vacation from my primary job, just going to be working my part time jobs this week. Gonna spend the days with my family as well as leisurely periods of writing, gaming, and bowling. Just started my bowling league again so I have to get back in good form. Hope you all have a good week.

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