The Jaded Lens

In my youth I viewed
The world most crude
Unyielding and without care
Nothing made any sense
Motivations a mystery
In my maturity I still
See it crude but now
Everything makes a terrible
Kind of sense, what drives
Is base desire and naked
Ambition, the world is simply
Crude and uncaring because
That is what people are

By Nicholas Byrley

This flowed out in a couple minutes, it feels a little down but it has truth to it. And sorry for no poem yesterday, was sick at home.


4 responses to “The Jaded Lens

  1. I don’t know. I believe it is what we are looking at. I rarely watch the media. They report the bad news only. Sometime we need to find places where we can be human, have conversation and know laughter. No perfect world. Just us trying to make peace with what we got. A powerful poem. Made the old man think this morning. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

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