Untold Depths

On the edge of my mind sits the chasm.

Around it I have built railings and hung signs.

They warn me to beware, to stay away from the pit.

Still I am drawn to it, my curiosity overwhelming.

Would the fall be so bad I often wonder.

Part of me yearns to make the jump, to find the bottom.

I hesitate, held in check by reason.

Perhaps not today, but maybe tomorrow.

By Nicholas Byrley

The Far Away

Dreams that seem beyond my grasp
Unattainable even to the last gasp
Hope denied on a daily basis
My entire life lived in stasis
No chance to rise above my station
Just another lost cause in this nation
My sorrows buried in consumer debt
Only need one more dollar to bet
Distracted by the quiet song
Whispers for that which I long
Jealous thoughts of a pristine beach
Tears for what’s always out of reach

By Nicholas Byrley

Well of Words

Gliding, swooping, falling
Ascending to the depths
Of my mind, looking
For the little gems
Inspirations source
Along dry riverbeds
And empty deserts
Past the ruins and
The quarantine zones
To fresh lands
New frontiers waiting
To be mapped and
Exploited by me

By Nicholas Byrley


To the weathered wastes
Past the pirate’s coast
We ride on as one
With packbeast, woman, and child
Plodding step by step
Our city of canvas goes
Time measured in weeks
Chilly nights and sweltering days
In spirits good and bad
We are destination bound
Our fate and fortune waiting
Spires pierce the horizon
Walls guard its treasures
Gates opened wide
The journey to an end

By Nicholas Byrley

Always found the idea of caravans and caravan life romantic.

Double Time

Work harder
Work longer
Sleep not required
Go the distance
Pull yourself up
The world awaits
Grab it if you can
Limits are figments
True determination boundless
Bleed and sweat
Pay your dues
Succeed with effort
Prove it to yourself

By Nicholas Byrley

It’s two poem Wednesday because I didn’t have time to post yesterday. Enjoy.

Blood For Ink

I will show my love drop by drop.

Life’s blood spent, skin irrevocably scarred.

Prick by prick the needle accepts my offering.

In return it gives its mark, ink and dye.

Pain such a small thing compared to love

By Nicholas Byrley

Sorry if this came off all creepy/stalkerish. Going to be getting a tattoo for our  anniversary this year. A red diamond/ruby to match the one my wife has that I love on her. Can’t wait to go get it done.

No Way Back

I must be ready to fight as there can be no retreat.

I will fire every bridge I pass, always moving onwards.

My gaze fixed on the horizon, not on the trap of the past.

Relentlessly forward into the unknown, consequences be dammed

Lost and adrift I will scuttle my boat and swim ashore.

The journey is never ended, the fight yet to be won.

By Nicholas Byrley

The Buried Kingdom

It is a struggle that
Does not end with death
The urge to rule, the
Thirst for worldly dominance
In the crypts and in the
Barrows power is still sought
Sacred ground lies corrupted
By warlords of the dammed
From this unlife there is
No true escape
In this game there are no
Winners, only eternity’s curse

By Nicholas Byrley

Got a few poems to post, will work on the backlog today. Also, I’ve been playing too much Dungeon Keeper. I am in the top 100 now though, so I suppose I can cross that off my bucket list…