It makes the heart grow fonder.

Sorry for my lack of updates lately. Been on an earlier shift and missing sleep. Lacking the energy to write and post. Gonna do it anyway this week even though I’m still on an earlier shift. I go back to my normal shift next week. Then it should be smooth sailing. So forgive me if I miss any this week. Thanks as always for reading and putting up with my brand of crazy.

Dairy Queen Sour

I had a terrible experience last night and just had to write about it, so forgive me this one ranty post.

It has been about a month since a Dairy Queen opened recently in our area. This is after going probably a decade with the closest one being about an hours drive away. Naturally, the place has been swamped and in high demand so I avoided the opening. After it having been open about a month my wife and I decided to give it a try last night. So we took a little detour on the way home from picking up our daughter from grandmas house and drove a little out of the way to the new establishment. On getting their we found a long line but weren’t really surprised, the same thing happened when the Del Taco opened a couple months back. After about a twenty minute wait we ordered our food. We asked for something we saw on the online menu but couldn’t find on the board they had and they were very polite and helpful in finding out if they could make it(a Flamethrower Chicken wrap). We order a couple blizzards to compliment our meals since they were more the purpose of our visit than anything.

Up to the window we go and we pay for our food and receive our blizzards then were asked if we could pull out and around, there was to be a slight delay on our meal. I agreed and pulled into position and waited. Again, it was all polite and reasonable. So far it was how I expected, a little crazy with all the people but seeming worth the wait. We waited probably 10 minutes and my wife decided to try her blizzard while she waited. The Geogia Mud Fudge Blizzard she ordered turned out to be a Reese’s Blizzard instead. Annoying, but eh, it happens and we couldn’t really give it back having tried it already. A little after this a server comes out and gives us our food. She hurriedly hands us a bag and a box and then goes to leave. My sharp eyed wife realizes that her combo is lacking fries and calls the lady back. We tell her about the fries and also decide to say that we got the wrong blizzard. She seemed very upset by us calling her back, telling us something like ‘hold on’. We see her go not back into the restaurant but up to their drive through window and talk for a couple minutes. Naturally we assume shes just grabbing the blizzard and fries direct from them rather than go back in and out real quick.

However when she is done talking she instead goes back inside with no food. About 5 minutes pass while my wife and I are trying to figure out if someone is coming out or if we need to go inside to get it. Finally we see some people coming out but no servers. An older man in a brown leather jacket and no uniform comes up to our car with a bag and a blizzard. He asks us if we are waiting for a blizzard and fries. We tell him yes and then go to grab our food, and this is where it gets bizarre.

He says(in front of my 1 and a half year old daughter sitting in her car seat) that the server that brought our food said we called her a ‘bit–‘. Shocked I don’t even think to correct him on swearing in front of my daughter and we tell him that is not the case. He introduces himself as ‘David’, saying he is the owner of the restaurant. He then says he is ‘Giving us this one, but if he ever hears of this again he will “ban” us from his restaurant’. He says this again saying if we call one of his employees a ‘bit–‘, swearing in front of my child a second time. I introduce myself and my wife then, still shocked by this and explaining exactly what happened to him. He cuts me off and says in the same breath that the girl that served us is a new employee, but than she had never lied to him. Again he repeatedly talks over me and then admits they got the order wrong so they are giving us two orders of fries instead of one. With the correct blizzard and fries passed over he warns us a final time what will happen and then asks my name again before leaving us dumbfounded sitting in our vehicle.

By the time it was all said and done we had half melted blizzards, cold food, and a sour taste in our mouths. He doesn’t have to worry about trying to ban us from his restaurant though, we’re never going back with that kind of service. I’m not sure how this entire scenario made sense to him. I understand its probably crazy and they’ve dealt with people annoyed about a wait. But, in what world does someone wait all that time and then swear at the person they want food from? The server claimed my wife cussed at her and my wife has worked multiple fast food jobs, she knows what you have to put up with in that line of work. Shes also not going to swear in front of our daughter.

It’s a really bizarre situation and just unpleasant. I understand that the customer is no longer right anymore. That’s old fashioned thinking, sure. But should I really be threatened by owner of a restaurant and have him swear in front of my daughter when a server doesn’t want to bring us the correct order out again?

2014, Year Of The Publisher

Image found at bettybrigade.com.

Image found at bettybrigade.com.


No resolutions for 2014, just goals like I talked about. Put them on paper so I can reflect on them next December and be depressed/happy about it. I don’t know if I can call any of these goals realistic, but what the hell. Aim high, right? In no particular order, my goals for 2014 are as follows.


Writing Goals for 2014


1. Publish 5 Poems

2. Publish 1 Short Story

3. Start a novel


Work Goals for 2014

1.  Don’t Go Crazy

2. Get Into a Different Position


Life Goals for 2014

1. Get (mostly) Debt Free

2. Get Back in School

Life Changing Events

No new lunch poetry these past couple days. But not out of my usual laziness.

My wife went into the emergency room over shortness of breath and a pain in her side. One chest x-ray and a CT later, she’s being pushed into surgery the next day. The scans found enlarged/heavily swollen lymph nodes all through her chest. The surgery was to biopsy the masses to determine what they were.

There’s a word for situations like this.


My twenty-four year old wife shouldn’t have to go through anything like this. If anything, I could see myself having problems. But my wife is five years younger than me. She shouldn’t have to go through this. Of course, feeling this way doesnt change it.

So she went through the surgery yesterday and thankfully all the results point towards sarcoidosis rather than lymphoma. So, no cancer, but still a serious condition. Not sure how I really feel about it all yet. Just a scary experience. I don’t want to outlive my wife by even one year, much less a lifetime.

The treatment for sarcodosis isn’t really invasive but it is long. We still have to visit the pulmonary specialist to get our treatment plan but at least we know now. For her this is all sinking in still. But I’ve taken this time off and will help her however I can. It all seems unreal.

The Cricket Graveyard

Image found at www.smh.com.au.

Image found at http://www.smh.com.au.

The Cricket Graveyard

It sits a blight on the verdant fields.

An edifice of stone and steel cut into the land.

Those who enter it are forever silenced.

Doomed to jump the giant’s halls in madness.

by Nicholas Byrley

Why a poem about crickets you ask? Someone has to tell their story! My new job is kind of in the country/edge of the city. It’s surrounded by a lot of open grass/fields populated by a lot of crickets. They find their way into the building through open doors on the dock and through the front. Once inside, they do that whole crazed stumbling cricket thing. Just wandering about until they die or get stepped on. Its a bit depressing. The training room is full of dead or half-dead crickets along the edges. This poem is for them, the lonely exiles in the human lands. Heed my warning little crickets, this is no place for you.

Intermission = Sabatical

Image found at www.cleanbreak.ca.

Image found at http://www.cleanbreak.ca.

Or Something Like That..

My brief intermission turned into an extended absence. Turns out managing work, family, and more work is harder than it looks. It’s almost three months since I posted last. I sadly have little to show for it, mostly just scribbles in my notebooks. Still, there are some poems I can tidy up and post, maybe a little flash fiction. But not too much overall. Been working a lot obviously, actually working three jobs at the moment. I figured two wasn’t too bad, so why not three. It’ll also get me to where I want to go faster, so that’s a bonus. Six days a week, 85 hours on average, and one day off to keep my sanity. I kinda want to see how far I can go.

Its kind of like juggling, only with hours instead of balls. Just a matter of keeping them all going up and around properly. Some hours to sleep, a couple to eat, lots to work, and a few here and there to unwind and spend with family. Writing has been losing out to time with the wife and gaming. The release of Rome 2: Total War hasn’t helped that ratio. Though now that its out and I had my fix, I figured I should make an update. Maybe post a few things.

In the meanwhile, I’ll go on living the dream. Its a little exhausting, a little thrilling. Just to keep it all up. Really not as hard as I thought it would be. And I figure if I can do this now, then later when I quit the extra jobs I have no reason not to dedicate time to writing. Definitely learning how to better manage my time and energy. Not sure if anyone still reads my posts, but feel free to comment if you do. Its always appreciated.