Me, Myself, and My Family


This is my fifth go at writing something up tonight, I’ve reviewed and trashed several topics ranging from volunteering to imaginative gaming. None really felt to me like they passed muster, or really conveyed anything useful. So instead I’ve decided to actually share a little about myself. Who am I, about my family, and my life.I state in my about profile that I am a twenty-eight year old happily married guy with a new daughter just looking for an outlet for his words. This is true, my wife’s name is Hilary and we’ve been married since March 25, 2011. That darling little baby up there drawing in page views  for me is my daughter Eden.  I love both of them with all my heart and I’m doing my best to grow old with my beautiful wife.

Beyond that most important part of me are a myriad of other things, the little facets of myself. I am an avid gamer, on both PC and console. Any type of game really, though usually strategy and RPG. I am a cat lover, unapologetically and have been since I was a child. My wife likes to call me the ‘cat whisperer’ because I can call any of the strays we come across to me and they let me pet them. I’d try to market this skill but I lack a guitar case or crazy facial hair. But wait, there’s more! I am of course a fan of writing and a voracious reader, I try my best to finish a book a week but due to the concerns of being an adult and all that nonsense its usually about one every two weeks.

I am easily amused, by myself and the world. It keeps me from going crazy most of the time. As you can probably guess, the sum of these things makes me fairly nerdy which I don’t really try to hide. I’ve also got a healthy interest in all things space related, but my position is just one of a fan. I lack any useful knowledge in the area, I just really want to see us get to other planets. I’d like to see some space colonies before I die. I’m a pretty even-tempered guy, though like everyone I have my moments. If you’re familiar with Meyers-Briggs or True Colors I am an INTJ and a Green. I also have a great fondness for Psychology, and am perusing a degree in the field. Just taking a break at the moment on account of meeting the love of my life and having a child.

I hope that information about myself helps in understanding my posts both past and future. It shouldn’t be as surprising now if I go off on  wild tangent about one of these things. I hesitated a little before I wrote this post, I’m usually a pretty private person. But I think this is one of those things where I need the freedom that comes from not hiding things. So if any of this leaves anyone with more questions about the collection of neural impulses that is me, feel free to ask. I’m sure its therapeutic anyway.