Milestones and Such

No lunch poetry today, its my one day off before heading back to the grindstone. Just wanted to do a quick post about hitting 200+ followers this last week. Happened and I almost missed it. Maybe next time this year I will be at 500 followers. Although I wonder if I can convince 500 people to like my random poems. In any case, its only thanks to everyone that visits. Thank you all for your support and reading, it helps me a lot to keep me going and writing. Have a good week this next week.

Intermission = Sabatical

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Or Something Like That..

My brief intermission turned into an extended absence. Turns out managing work, family, and more work is harder than it looks. It’s almost three months since I posted last. I sadly have little to show for it, mostly just scribbles in my notebooks. Still, there are some poems I can tidy up and post, maybe a little flash fiction. But not too much overall. Been working a lot obviously, actually working three jobs at the moment. I figured two wasn’t too bad, so why not three. It’ll also get me to where I want to go faster, so that’s a bonus. Six days a week, 85 hours on average, and one day off to keep my sanity. I kinda want to see how far I can go.

Its kind of like juggling, only with hours instead of balls. Just a matter of keeping them all going up and around properly. Some hours to sleep, a couple to eat, lots to work, and a few here and there to unwind and spend with family. Writing has been losing out to time with the wife and gaming. The release of Rome 2: Total War hasn’t helped that ratio. Though now that its out and I had my fix, I figured I should make an update. Maybe post a few things.

In the meanwhile, I’ll go on living the dream. Its a little exhausting, a little thrilling. Just to keep it all up. Really not as hard as I thought it would be. And I figure if I can do this now, then later when I quit the extra jobs I have no reason not to dedicate time to writing. Definitely learning how to better manage my time and energy. Not sure if anyone still reads my posts, but feel free to comment if you do. Its always appreciated.


When Is a Post Not a Post?


When it’s a status update! Ha-yuk, ha-yuk.

But seriously, just an update. It is 1:30am right now and I get up at 5, so bare with me. Probably no posts this weekend or anything else tonight, worn down from work. I’ll have put in almost 70 hours in five days by the end of the day tomorrow. So, ready for a break.

It is the birthday of the love of my life this week, my beautiful wife. Going to enjoy having Saturday off and spend it with her, got a lot planned so heres to it all going well.

Beyond that I do have more poems, though a lot of them are depressing/a bit angry. Been a little frustrated with life at times lately if anyone has got the hint. But though it is yet unposted, things have been changing towards the more positive.

I’m also pondering writing instead of reading on my breaks/lunches at work, or maybe a mix. I feel like I could use that time for short stories, though the breakroom is full of distractions. Still tossing the idea around, I want to produce more writing than I am right now. Need to find some way to do that even with these fourteen-fifteen hour workdays.

So anyway, if you don’t see my random musing/ramblings just picture me relaxing somewhere with my wife and you all enjoy your weekend.

Slackin’ and Whatnot

Slackin’ and Whatnot

So I’ve been slacking lately, makes sense following my vow to write more. All the fake scam bloggers got me kind of annoyed with the whole thing, as I want actual likes and feedback not bot spam. I see now why some blogs don’t have a like option. The thought of those scammers attracting people with their fake likes just bothers me. I don’t know if I want to go that route or not, since I’ve seen a lot of good blogs through others that have liked me. It’s tough to decide. My work on m short story didn’t go that well this week either. I got a mere 700 words and I’m not too happy with what I wrote. I may have let the idea sit too long, or perhaps I’m just not sticking with it enough. I shall persevere.

More importantly, at least for the moment, is that the Medieval Fair is in town. My wife and I are going today, this’ll be our daughters first medieval fair though I don’t think she will remember it. My wife will find some nice jewelry and I will most likely buy another sword. Compliment that with good food, random folks, and lots to see and it should be a good day. The rain even decided to stay away this weekend and we’ve got a nice sunny day lined up. Hoping you all have a good day as well, and I’ll get started again on writing after the fair.


So I’m a pretty curious guy with too much time on his hands. All the likes I get I visit the persons page and check things out. Sometimes I find things I like, sometimes I don’t. I can usually tell if the person was just liking me for a re-like/re-follow or if they were generally interested. On my last couple of posts I noticed something even more annoying. Pyramid scheme-ish spam likes. Its a business called the Empower Network. They sell blogs to people so they can sell blogs to people who can sell blogs to people. Everyone up top is making bank, and the majority are barely paying the monthly fee. For details on this business check here, he sums it up pretty well. Two of the likes I got are most likely the same person, with another two possibly being a duplicate as well. It’s disappoints me to know I’m entertaining robotic pyramid scheme spam with my blog. Is there some kind of way to block certain users? I’d rather not have likes based on commissions for someone else.

Edit: So now several of the pyramid scheme guys have liked this post too. The post describing their operation as a scam. I wonder if anything I tag Empower Network would get likes from them. Dave Hunter, thomasmaxwell12, Jordon Latour, and Dominik Mikula, all part of that nonsense. If you’re going to be a fake blogger  selling fake things, be good at it. Don’t just click randomly like these guys.


So I’m just now getting over a bout of food poisoning or some kind of bug. Ate something that just tore me up Saturday night/Sunday. My resolution to write sadly meant nothing compared to my angry stomach. And now of course, I have to go to work. I got a little bit done on my short story last night. Working on turning this one into an actual short story. Has a lot of good potential there I think so it should be fun. I’ve also got a couple poems almost ready, so I’ll see if I can post some throughout the week while I’m working on my short story. Hoping you all have a good week, I gotta go get ready for work now.

On Writing

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On Writing

I just finished Stephen King’s book On Writing and I’m currently kicking myself for not reading it sooner. I even had it sitting on my bookshelf for probably close to a year now, along with other books on writing.  On top of all that I only read the book because I ran out of things on my kindle and spotted it on my bookshelf.

But wow, just wow. The blunt way he puts things and cuts right to the chase is just amazing. Read it over the course of a few days this week at work and home and it had me chomping at the bit. Now that I’ve read it all I want to digest it, to really let it sink in. It also made me aware of something. I’ve been treating writing like a hobby, not as a career or what I truly wanted to do.

Sure I’d come home and bang out a quick post, a poem or a bit of fiction, but it was really just a half effort. If I want to really pursue it, I believe I need to make it among my top priorities. I also need to work on stories over a thousand words and not just take the easy route. The book has been quite an eye opener to me. My pursuit of writing needs to be a 100% effort, not 25%.

I know some of this drive is just that freshly-completed-book rush. But  I don’t want it to fade, I want to keep my conviction. Part of my problem as to where I’m at now is a lack of time and privacy in writing. Hard to focus, hard to stay uninterrupted. But I do have some time in the morning, some time after work, and occasionally other bits of time.

It will be in these times I will have to really focus and get into the habit of just writing. Not checking my e-mail, playing LoL, or whatever else. I have co commit to this. I also need to watch myself, I find myself trying to build a blog at times rather than be a writer. I realize the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but I don’t want to lose my way.

So, that has been my epiphany this week. Sorry if it seemed disjointed and rambling. I wrote it to understand it myself as much as to relate it to all of you.


Centurions, arise!

I just wanted to thank everyone who supports and follows this blog. I know I don’t always stick to my 1-a-day post schedule, but I really appreciate the likes and feedback. Its a lot of what keeps me going. Just wanted to give a slight blog update. ITFD is now at 100 followers, over 700 views, 70 comments, and the top three countries for views are: United States, Hong Kong, and Canada. So thanks again to everyone and I’ll have another post or two up later, just wanted to share that. As always feel free to lurk, like, and comment.



The wind has left my sails and the ocean does not move.

My patchwork craft of love and tears sits captive to the sea.

I drift in place alone, unknown and unaware by all.

Rescue is a fool’s errand, hope the dying mans opiate.

Here I shall remain, consumed by the ocean’s silence.

by Nicholas Byrley

When is a post not a post? When no one reads it! Ha-ha-ha.

But seriously, I think I am a little shallow. When I don’t see those likes popping in my ego starts complaining and my motivation starts to stray. I know my ultimate goals have nothing to do with whether anyone likes my random posts, but I still like the attention all the same. So, I wrote a poem about it. Like a ship at sea, so goes my blog. I suppose eventually we’ll drift into a friendly port and my troubles will be gone, but out here there be monsters. To all that care to visit this lonely sea, what are you interested in seeing in this blog? More poetry, short stories, flash fiction, posts about parenthood or geekiness? Let me know, as of right now I have no idea what my audience of 84 really likes.

Spot the Differences


There are 88 in Total


I hope everyone enjoy the new digs. I browsed the free themes awhile and this one seems to have pretty good flexibility with a layout I like. I have no idea of the number of actual differences, but 88’s a good a number as any. I had planned to have a poem up today, but sadly it was not well received by its target audience. Can’t share a poem written for a woman that she doesn’t like, that’s poetry 101. Maybe someday I’ll sneak it in somewhere, let it see the light of day. Revisit them and see what I can do to spruce them up.

I’m still going to be tinkering with the layout some, trying to organize things a bit better and have it more easily digested by the eyes. In the meanwhile feel free to comment on the changes or suggest any useful widgets I might not be using. Still new to wordpress and the whole blogging thing, so I’ll gladly take advice on such things.


Today is Valentines Day, the federally mandated day of love for your significant other. It is a reminder to us all to do a special thing for that special someone, though we shouldn’t need a day to mark such occasions. Still, the day does put you in the mood to reminisce. I fondly recall when I first met my wife, when I first looked into her eyes and knew I wanted to marry her. Its coming up on two years now for us, the anniversary of our wedding. Marriage is a wonderful thing, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life beside my wonderful spouse.

I couldn’t imagine spending it any other way, but that is not the case for many. I feel marriage gets quite the bum wrap these days in popular opinion. The most common complaint I get out of people who tell me they aren’t getting married is “I don’t want to go through a divorce”. As if somehow breaking off with your loved one without a legal contract is easier to bare. The emotions involved and the shared memories are the bigger issue than who gets the golf clubs. I also hear “I don’t believe in marriage”. Which I’m not sure if that means they don’t believe in monogamy and spending their life with one person, or just the faith involved.

I also don’t like the attitude of “I don’t want to get married so I can keep my options open”. You can’t commit to someone while spending your spare time looking for the next new thing. Its not fair to anyone involved. I think I’m getting kind of ranty now, so I’ll stop it here. I just get worked up about it. In this and perhaps the past generation we will have many children asking why mommy doesn’t have daddy’s last name, or who will never know what marriage is outside of antiquated sitcoms.