The Crystal Man

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Gelid X

Millenia upon millenia I have drifted, a lonely voyager in space. I, with my ten siblings, was sent into the cold embrace of an almost lifeless universe. My people, the Gelu, are a very ancient race. Vox, the mighty world gem, could remember when the stars themselves were young. We left our people knowing we would be the last of our kind, knowing our people would perish while we journeyed the stars. Still, we welcomed this task with a glad heart. This was our purpose, after all. We were the best of our people, the brave and intelligent, the heroes. There were ten of us, each chosen for a different time and place where our talents would be the most useful. This was the legacy my people gave the galaxy, hope. Hope against cruel fate and an uncaring cosmos.

Our own people knew their doom, but they also knew the fate of that yet to come. I do not know what became of my brothers and sisters, if they succeeded or failed in their own quests. I only know my task is a most difficult one. Our seers have seen a planet of strife, of wars out of time and dimension. In this place, the future of everything hangs. I must bring peace, I must become a protector. Some of its people will praise me, some will try to destroy me. This is the nature of things. They will call me the Crystal Man. But I will always know I am Gelid X, the 10th and last of the Champions of Gelu. I fight for what was, and what is to come.

I can’t help it, still on a semi sci-fi kick and of course more DC Universe Online. I started up a hero, so he needed a back story and some motivation for his city-destroying rescue efforts. I always enjoy these things and I like trying to come up with semi-plausible origins/backgrounds. Originally he was going to be an escaped slave warrior from some warlord. But, it didn’t pan out. So instead, ancient doomed crystal-people with oracles/seers instead. I don’t have any pictures of the characters handy, haven’t figured out how to transfer them from my PS3 yet. I’ll try to update later and get some pics up, the character creation options in the game are pretty impressive. This’ll fill my gaming nerd quota for the week, so I’ll have a normal post up tomorrow.