Sword Catchers

Sword Catchers

Born of magic, forged in secret.

Eaters of steel, slayer of men.

Feared by all, hunted by the crown.

Ancient and wrathful, Navok’s forgotten heirs.

Impervious to blades, unstoppable when enraged.

Less than human, more than a beast.

Wild and ravenous, they seek the feast.

by Nicholas Byrley

Magical beasts created to eat metal as well as flesh and are always hungry, sounds like fantasy to me. This started out as another story fragment and developed into a poem about a monster. I like the way it came out. Its not something I’d want to have a random encounter with, anyway.

Sorry to everyone(especially myself) for a lack of a post yesterday. Been a crazy week already when events yesterday. Really had to focus on my husband and familial stuff. But, I continue to write. One day does not a failure make. So I will keep at it, and keep posting. Hope everyone enjoys the poem, let me know what you think.


Image found at brainticket.com.

Image found at brainticket.com.


I am the unknown champion,

a mercenary of sorts by trade.

My foe breathes an unquenchable flame,

their mouths hide a legion of daggers.

Demon wings hold them aloft,

deadly talons ever ready to snatch their prey.

Still a fight I bring to their mountain dens,

human cunning versus dragon might.

I fight in honor of Princesses and kingdoms wronged,

of  livestock slain and villages burned.

With lance, bow, and axe my war rages,

victory or death my ultimate wages.

by Nicholas Byrley

I gave dragons some love, so the people who slay them should get some love too. Nothing else tonight, too sleepy and I work tomorrow. Have a good night.


Image found at www.comicvine.com.

Image found at http://www.comicvine.com.


Swift and deadly, the embodiment of reptilian grace.

Clothed in scale, gifted with wing, fang, and claw.

Prey to none, predator to all that catches their eye.

They are the kings of the sky, rulers of mountains.

Hoarders of gold, collectors of fabulous treasures.

Noble beast and savage creature, they are one and the same.

by Nicholas Byrley

I failed badly, twice in a row now. I fell asleep without writing last night, and then just now I wrote a post and lost it all. Le sigh. But, I shall persevere. Here is a poem about dragons to make up for the damage my nemesis(sleep) caused.

Dragons are such a fascinating topic, especially in books. I have seen them as beasts of war in series like Temeraire or Bazil Broketail, then as astral entities in Dragonships. Traditional fantasy dragons in the Age of Fire, or guardians and protectors in Dragonlance and Dragonriders of Pern. The list could go on and on, I’ll cut it short there. They offer almost limitless potential and there is an existing bond between dragons and world culture as it is.

Something about the scaly beasts just draw us in. Whether they are good or evil, cunning or slow. Dragons simply attract people, even those not normally drawn to fantasy or sci-fi. You can find images of dragons in almost all cultures, with a variety of personalities associated with them. Its no wonder they show up all the time in books, games, and movies. When I finally write some fantasy stories of my own I think it will be hard to resist the siren call of the dragons.

As always, let me know what you think. And as a side note, I love the picture for this one. Nicol Bolas(featured above) was one of my favorite cards in MtG.

The Ebon Crescent

Image found at mydarksky.org.

Image found at mydarksky.org.

The Ebon Crescent

Guardian and betrayer, the Crescent was one of us.

Wielder of the divine circle, his skills well honed.

Foolish and proud, hubris the cause of his fall.

Angry and alone, seduced by the servants of dusk.

Warped and twisted, imbued with dark power.

Vengeful and cursed, he is a beast among men.

He is the Ebon Crescent.

Another little blurb about DC Universe turned into a poem and yet another character I’ve created. This one an earth power/shield using flying villain. I tried to write a quick bit of flash fiction about it but I didn’t like the way it came out. So instead, I went with some poetry. He is your typical immortal cursed guy, flinging a shield around as a weapon and burying people alive in rock tombs. I had a whole bit linking him to the moon(which fits his costume design, where it features a black crescent moon). But I couldn’t find a good way to show it in the post. I get a kick out of seeing what the words do sometimes. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it.

The Forgotten Sentinel

Photo found at cleveland.about.com.

Photo found at cleveland.about.com.

The Forgotten Sentinel

I stand here among the ruins, never at rest.

The wood rots, the stone crumbles, and the marble cracks.

I am a guardsman set, forged of magic and will.

Protect, he commanded, forever I shall obey.

Such is my fate, that is my design.

This spell does not fade, it will not wither.

Eternity is my companion, my vigilance unending.

by Nicholas Byrley

Such is the lonely life of a magical guardian without its master. I could get into an Asimov-esque idea of whether the magical construct had thoughts or emotions or dreams, but that could take all night. I just find the concept intriguing. It’s easy just to hand-wave magical creations and other such wonders in fantasy, but I like to really think about it. How does the world work, what might such magic bring? It is a topic that could provide endless fodder for stories or new ideas. Incidentally, I tried to write this as flash fiction but it refused to come out right. It fit better as a poem instead. I hope you enjoyed it, please comment if you have any thoughts.

The Law of Blades

The Law of Blades

The Arbiter strikes the call, announcing a judgement to be made.

Forward the proxy’s come, their swords for justice’s aid.

The quarrel explained, a duel commenced.

A dance of death, a dance of honor, an argument waged in steel.

One will fall, one will stand, the accused tested by blood.

Justice triumphs, the dispute won by the clash of blades.

Victory ends the fight, the price paid in flesh.

by Nicholas Byrley

I have another story fragment of mine turned poem tonight. This one is more of a fantasy lean, with a medieval feel and flavor. Its a simple idea, just a society who’s laws were entirely decided by contests of steel. Naturally a proxy would be the preferred choice in settling disputes, and you create an excellent basis for characters with that setting. I’ve been toying with it for awhile, trying to get the right feel for it to start writing. For now, I’ll sum it up as a poem, but I’m going to keep working towards turning it into it actual story. I think I love fantasy because it allows for absolutely any background or world setting, no matter how fantastic. The bizarre is expected and welcomed, it is welcomed rather than rejected. It may be a bit too easy to take shortcuts in a world who’s reality you control though, so it’s important to be aware of what actually adds to the setting.

The Thorn Walker

Image found at www.bethtrott.com.
Image found at http://www.bethtrott.com.

Nature’s Dark Avatar

Pain. All the world is pain. Blinding, searing, red-hot, it encompasses everything. It wears me away, chipping bit by bit at my memory, my personality, my ego. It consumes me, it changes me, it makes me stronger. It makes me better. Visions of myself pass before my eyes, my former life. My wasted life. I was nothing, now I am pain. It strips it all away, making me anew. I am different now. I am who I was meant to be, not weak, not frail, not sickly, and definitely not human. I am sharp, I am deadly, I am nature’s dark avatar. I am the Thorn Walker.


So I spent the morning working and then most of this evening playing DC Universe. I have a soft spot for superhero games, the possibilities inherent in the games just drive me crazy. I can create a bow-using super-fast guy who controls electricity? Sign me up! The above is a little blurb/bio for my villain in the game, ThornWalker. Just an average guy turned super and then driven mad by the pain of the transformation. I enjoy making up backgrounds for my characters in RPGs and playing the role in the game. Like for instance the nature powerset this character uses has a Shapeshifting tree I will completely ignore because it doesn’t fit the character. Things like that amuse me and keep my interest in the game longer. Most of the time no one ever knows the random stories involved in my characters or why they do what they do, but ah well. I enjoy weaving a tale about them as I play, it makes it much more entertaining for me.