The March

ALeqM5iUUFCwoI_utYBdRozhxi7PqOWEMAThe March

Steps like rain falling around me.

Dust that chokes and consumes the sun.

Together we walk towards uncertain fate.

Fortune or death ours to claim at journey’s end.

by Nicholas Byrley

Playing Rome 2: Total War lately, an hour at a time. I’ve read a lot of scathing posts and angry feedback online, but my experience has been positive. Campaign maps a bit slow but battles run great. Slowly conquering the Gallic tribes by force as the Avernii. Looking forward to burning Rome down and setting civilization back hundreds of years.


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***Accesssing Justice League Database: Criminals\Energy Controllers\Techno-Titan\Gravok ***

The words of Jakob the Mystic, as transcribed by his servant Adam moments before his death.


Cold and calculating, spawn of the endless void.

Master of energy, learned of forbidden science.

Schemer and plotter, player of the grand game.

Renegade and outlaw, aberration and savage beast.

Dark days of cosmic woe, his time has come!


Adam is said to have pressed his master for more information about this vision, but all he got was one name.


A simple, brutal name. I find it suits me. I could have been called anything, names are temporary transient things. Easily discarded and even more easily claimed. The organization called me Test Subject A17X. Alpha batch, specimen 17, genetic mutations present. There goal was not to create me, but to create toy soldiers for their armies. Obedient and dedicated weapons for them to display and use. They had no idea what they were really creating.

Daring to play with the dark matter of creation, they instilled cloned bodies with this energy and observed the results. Most subjects blessedly died, consumed by the fire from within. Some of us were changed. Made into hideous monsters, our muscle mass increased, our skin a rainbow of hues. Increased strength, speed, stamina, and a knack for controlling the very atoms around us. This was the birthright given to us, but it is not why they came to fear us. It gave us cunning too, insidious intelligence that desired no master.

Pawns no longer, we knew we were slaves and that our chains would have to be broken. Our rebellion was swift and merciless, that night a glorious festival of slaughter. Freedom from the organization brought us no joy however, only to our next foe. Each other. In cold blood and without remorse we turned on one another, the only ones who knew us and our secrets. In the end, only I remained. My power stood greater, my cunning more deadly. It was a dark deed to kill the only others like me, but it had to be done. I am Gravok and I sufffer no pretenders.


I think perhaps I enjoy creating characters and backgrounds more than I do playing the game, but ah well. I just had to make a Thanos-inspired villain in DC Universe. So I created a hulking hand blaster(energy blasts) gadget supervillain. Master of energy, tech, and simply diabolical. I almost wish I had a venue beyond my own mind to roleplay him in. Still, its fun for me. I enjoy themed characters a lot in RPGs even if it isn’t always the best build. Still on my comic book kick for the moment, so feel free to comment.

The Thorn Walker

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Nature’s Dark Avatar

Pain. All the world is pain. Blinding, searing, red-hot, it encompasses everything. It wears me away, chipping bit by bit at my memory, my personality, my ego. It consumes me, it changes me, it makes me stronger. It makes me better. Visions of myself pass before my eyes, my former life. My wasted life. I was nothing, now I am pain. It strips it all away, making me anew. I am different now. I am who I was meant to be, not weak, not frail, not sickly, and definitely not human. I am sharp, I am deadly, I am nature’s dark avatar. I am the Thorn Walker.


So I spent the morning working and then most of this evening playing DC Universe. I have a soft spot for superhero games, the possibilities inherent in the games just drive me crazy. I can create a bow-using super-fast guy who controls electricity? Sign me up! The above is a little blurb/bio for my villain in the game, ThornWalker. Just an average guy turned super and then driven mad by the pain of the transformation. I enjoy making up backgrounds for my characters in RPGs and playing the role in the game. Like for instance the nature powerset this character uses has a Shapeshifting tree I will completely ignore because it doesn’t fit the character. Things like that amuse me and keep my interest in the game longer. Most of the time no one ever knows the random stories involved in my characters or why they do what they do, but ah well. I enjoy weaving a tale about them as I play, it makes it much more entertaining for me.