Well of Words

Gliding, swooping, falling
Ascending to the depths
Of my mind, looking
For the little gems
Inspirations source
Along dry riverbeds
And empty deserts
Past the ruins and
The quarantine zones
To fresh lands
New frontiers waiting
To be mapped and
Exploited by me

By Nicholas Byrley


Light of foot and strong of heart, they call the skies their home.
Baptized by lightning and cannon, life gambled every night.
Clouddancers to some, they are the young, reckless, and foolish.
For the prize they take the fall, hoping to seize it all.
by Nicholas Byrley

Steampunk airships + pirates + boarding actions= inspiration for this story fragment/poem. Hope you enjoyed the break from my somewhat depressing musings. Forgive the formatting again, this is from my phone.



Hear Me, O’ Muses…


I’ve decided to write tonight on the topic of inspiration since I find myself lacking sufficient inspiration for the ideas I originally had. No matter how much I turned them over in my head I couldn’t bring them to fruition. Nor did my dinner of fried potatoes and boiled eggs . Not that I really expected the last two to. Instead I will write about inspiration, because I once heard those that can’t do, teach. So I will tell everyone about how I get inspired to hide my lack of inspiration. Genius or madness? Its a gray area.

I find a lot of my inspiration arises from randomness. Fragments of ideas are like threads that I slowly start to spool out in my head. I take a topic and then I try to build on it, trying to figure out what I really want to communicate. With no direction to work towards I find it very hard to get inspiration. Its why I struggle so much with short stories I think, because I don’t know where it ends. Sometimes I want to keep the thread forever unraveling and just explore all there could possibly be about it. That unfortunately turns into rambling interesting perhaps only to me and those bound by filial obligations. See, it turns into all that.

I also get a good number of ideas just from music. Random lyrics or good songs either help me work through ideas to fully form them or provide the genesis for new ones.  When I was attending college I wrote most of my papers while blaring rock music. It always helped keep the creative juices flowing. Also helped me bust out some papers right before their due dates. Fun stuff really. The other fifty three percent or so of my inspiration has to come from things I’ve read. Books, articles, posts, and anything really that I absorb.

I fill my head up with as much as it will take and then the collective bits bounce around until it spits something out. I’ve heard there are no original ideas anymore, and that anything that can be thought of already has. I found it a rather depressing outlook and have since decided to dismiss that. Its boring. Instead, I believe all those words, stories, and heartfelt memories from other authors can truly lead me to new horizons. There’s no telling where a fragment of a story combined with the other random bits of my head might lead.

Looking at all of that now it actually helps to see it laid out like that. Makes me think I should draw up a nifty creative diagram of some sort, charting my brains crazy path to creation. I’d never use it of course, my brain really doesn’t like to work visually. That is about all of it I can think of, but now I worry this post falls into the category of ramblings that may only be relevant to me…