Blood For Ink

I will show my love drop by drop.

Life’s blood spent, skin irrevocably scarred.

Prick by prick the needle accepts my offering.

In return it gives its mark, ink and dye.

Pain such a small thing compared to love

By Nicholas Byrley

Sorry if this came off all creepy/stalkerish. Going to be getting a tattoo for our  anniversary this year. A red diamond/ruby to match the one my wife has that I love on her. Can’t wait to go get it done.


Touch that lingers
Words spoken softly
Look that beckons
Desires rising heat
Lips met hungrily
Lovers bodies joined
Seconds as hours
Minutes as days
Lost within each-other
Time’s breath held
Exhaling as one
Unions shared release

By Nicholas Byrley

A Woman’s Heart

For it I have my marched my legions.

In its name so too went my knights.

I tasked a thousand alchemists with devising its secrets.

Kingdoms fell and seasons changed, still I searched.

I spent a lifetime in pursuit, gambeled my throne for the ultimate prize.

By Nicholas Byrley

Few things more mysterious or harder to keep.

Life Changing Events

No new lunch poetry these past couple days. But not out of my usual laziness.

My wife went into the emergency room over shortness of breath and a pain in her side. One chest x-ray and a CT later, she’s being pushed into surgery the next day. The scans found enlarged/heavily swollen lymph nodes all through her chest. The surgery was to biopsy the masses to determine what they were.

There’s a word for situations like this.


My twenty-four year old wife shouldn’t have to go through anything like this. If anything, I could see myself having problems. But my wife is five years younger than me. She shouldn’t have to go through this. Of course, feeling this way doesnt change it.

So she went through the surgery yesterday and thankfully all the results point towards sarcoidosis rather than lymphoma. So, no cancer, but still a serious condition. Not sure how I really feel about it all yet. Just a scary experience. I don’t want to outlive my wife by even one year, much less a lifetime.

The treatment for sarcodosis isn’t really invasive but it is long. We still have to visit the pulmonary specialist to get our treatment plan but at least we know now. For her this is all sinking in still. But I’ve taken this time off and will help her however I can. It all seems unreal.


I feel your absence in every moment, an infinity of torturous seconds.

Longing consumes and becomes me, it refuses to be denied.

Your looks, your sighs, they speak to me more than words ever could.

I cross a sea of agony, lost and forlorn in my search for your embrace.

Lacking you I am broken, incomplete and unnecessary.

Through the pain my search continues, only ending with you in my arms.

By Nicholas Byrley

– Working today as well, so here is another installment of Poetry For Lunch. This poem is for my wife who endures our time apart about as well as I do. Three jobs can be rough sometimes.