Sword Catchers

Sword Catchers

Born of magic, forged in secret.

Eaters of steel, slayer of men.

Feared by all, hunted by the crown.

Ancient and wrathful, Navok’s forgotten heirs.

Impervious to blades, unstoppable when enraged.

Less than human, more than a beast.

Wild and ravenous, they seek the feast.

by Nicholas Byrley

Magical beasts created to eat metal as well as flesh and are always hungry, sounds like fantasy to me. This started out as another story fragment and developed into a poem about a monster. I like the way it came out. Its not something I’d want to have a random encounter with, anyway.

Sorry to everyone(especially myself) for a lack of a post yesterday. Been a crazy week already when events yesterday. Really had to focus on my husband and familial stuff. But, I continue to write. One day does not a failure make. So I will keep at it, and keep posting. Hope everyone enjoys the poem, let me know what you think.