Slackin’ and Whatnot

Slackin’ and Whatnot

So I’ve been slacking lately, makes sense following my vow to write more. All the fake scam bloggers got me kind of annoyed with the whole thing, as I want actual likes and feedback not bot spam. I see now why some blogs don’t have a like option. The thought of those scammers attracting people with their fake likes just bothers me. I don’t know if I want to go that route or not, since I’ve seen a lot of good blogs through others that have liked me. It’s tough to decide. My work on m short story didn’t go that well this week either. I got a mere 700 words and I’m not too happy with what I wrote. I may have let the idea sit too long, or perhaps I’m just not sticking with it enough. I shall persevere.

More importantly, at least for the moment, is that the Medieval Fair is in town. My wife and I are going today, this’ll be our daughters first medieval fair though I don’t think she will remember it. My wife will find some nice jewelry and I will most likely buy another sword. Compliment that with good food, random folks, and lots to see and it should be a good day. The rain even decided to stay away this weekend and we’ve got a nice sunny day lined up. Hoping you all have a good day as well, and I’ll get started again on writing after the fair.

The Skycleaver Swords

The Skycleaver Swords

The Martyr’s Blade

It is the bane of tyrants, kin to Truthbreaker and Kinseeker.

Wielded for a noble and just cause, the blade always prevails.

With such power comes a hefty price, a debt that must be paid.

It can triumph in any conflict, but it demands your life as well.

The Truthbreaker

It is the might of old creation, the iron of the worldforge.

Some call it Truthmaker, to others it is the Godslayer.

Its might is unmatched, its power an unstoppable primal one.

Reality is the wielders to control, woe to those who face it.

The Kingseeker

It edge is the foundation of empires, the source of kings.

Those chosen by it are called lawgivers, true rulers of man.

To oppose it is to oppose order itself, it can not be denied.

A golden age awaits those who wield it, prosperity and life abounding.

by Nicholas Byrley

Maybe I’m channeling Fred Saberhagen, but the idea of magic swords is always a delicious one. I had at first the idea for just the martyr’s blade, then the second line of that poem pretty much wrote the other two. It makes fertile ground for a story, three opposing characters and their blades. Really one I should get around to writing…


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I am the unknown champion,

a mercenary of sorts by trade.

My foe breathes an unquenchable flame,

their mouths hide a legion of daggers.

Demon wings hold them aloft,

deadly talons ever ready to snatch their prey.

Still a fight I bring to their mountain dens,

human cunning versus dragon might.

I fight in honor of Princesses and kingdoms wronged,

of  livestock slain and villages burned.

With lance, bow, and axe my war rages,

victory or death my ultimate wages.

by Nicholas Byrley

I gave dragons some love, so the people who slay them should get some love too. Nothing else tonight, too sleepy and I work tomorrow. Have a good night.

The Forgotten Sentinel

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Photo found at

The Forgotten Sentinel

I stand here among the ruins, never at rest.

The wood rots, the stone crumbles, and the marble cracks.

I am a guardsman set, forged of magic and will.

Protect, he commanded, forever I shall obey.

Such is my fate, that is my design.

This spell does not fade, it will not wither.

Eternity is my companion, my vigilance unending.

by Nicholas Byrley

Such is the lonely life of a magical guardian without its master. I could get into an Asimov-esque idea of whether the magical construct had thoughts or emotions or dreams, but that could take all night. I just find the concept intriguing. It’s easy just to hand-wave magical creations and other such wonders in fantasy, but I like to really think about it. How does the world work, what might such magic bring? It is a topic that could provide endless fodder for stories or new ideas. Incidentally, I tried to write this as flash fiction but it refused to come out right. It fit better as a poem instead. I hope you enjoyed it, please comment if you have any thoughts.

The Law of Blades

The Law of Blades

The Arbiter strikes the call, announcing a judgement to be made.

Forward the proxy’s come, their swords for justice’s aid.

The quarrel explained, a duel commenced.

A dance of death, a dance of honor, an argument waged in steel.

One will fall, one will stand, the accused tested by blood.

Justice triumphs, the dispute won by the clash of blades.

Victory ends the fight, the price paid in flesh.

by Nicholas Byrley

I have another story fragment of mine turned poem tonight. This one is more of a fantasy lean, with a medieval feel and flavor. Its a simple idea, just a society who’s laws were entirely decided by contests of steel. Naturally a proxy would be the preferred choice in settling disputes, and you create an excellent basis for characters with that setting. I’ve been toying with it for awhile, trying to get the right feel for it to start writing. For now, I’ll sum it up as a poem, but I’m going to keep working towards turning it into it actual story. I think I love fantasy because it allows for absolutely any background or world setting, no matter how fantastic. The bizarre is expected and welcomed, it is welcomed rather than rejected. It may be a bit too easy to take shortcuts in a world who’s reality you control though, so it’s important to be aware of what actually adds to the setting.

The Knight’s Lament


The Knight’s Lament

I am the Knight of Sorrows, the sworn protector of my fallen kingdom.

Birthed in steel and flame, I am am bidden to fight.

My sword has been stained red, armor dented, and my heart made weary.

Still, all this was not enough.

More, my kingdom asked of me.

So to it I gave my sons, my wife, our only daughter.

Gone to fire, gone to blade.

The walls have been toppled, the fields sown with salt.

My kingdom has been stripped of all but its endless woe.

We have fought the last battle, we have lost the war.

Only I remain, burdened with the ghost of a fallen kingdom.

Together we ride and I can do naught but heed its wordless cry.

Vengeance it demands, vengeance it shall have.

by Nicholas Byrley

Another Saturday at work, another easy few hours. But within those hours I had a most important revelation. Poems can be fiction too! With this in mind the poem flowed out quickly and easily. I am a lover of history, fantasy, and science fiction. So stories such as these are always bouncing around my head looking for an outlet. It was a lot of fun to turn this one from a story fragment into poetry. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

If everyone likes this I can dig around to see what other fragments and scraps I have. Lots of potential for some poems in them, might even motivate me to actually turn them into the short stories I had imagined. I have countless fiction ideas that could at least come out as poems. Tell me what you think, I really appreciate all the comments. I’ll have another post up tonight for those following.