The Ebon Crescent

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The Ebon Crescent

Guardian and betrayer, the Crescent was one of us.

Wielder of the divine circle, his skills well honed.

Foolish and proud, hubris the cause of his fall.

Angry and alone, seduced by the servants of dusk.

Warped and twisted, imbued with dark power.

Vengeful and cursed, he is a beast among men.

He is the Ebon Crescent.

Another little blurb about DC Universe turned into a poem and yet another character I’ve created. This one an earth power/shield using flying villain. I tried to write a quick bit of flash fiction about it but I didn’t like the way it came out. So instead, I went with some poetry. He is your typical immortal cursed guy, flinging a shield around as a weapon and burying people alive in rock tombs. I had a whole bit linking him to the moon(which fits his costume design, where it features a black crescent moon). But I couldn’t find a good way to show it in the post. I get a kick out of seeing what the words do sometimes. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed it.

When Reality Bends

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When Reality Bends

“Wait, say that again?”

I asked, looking confused as I tried to grasp the enormity of her statement.

“Reality bends, or at least you can play with the math and the rules regarding the universe and all that. I can’t really explain it.”

Anne stared at me after finishing and I found myself fumbling for words. Then I remembered, I had asked her what she did.

“So…what does that have do to with what you do?”

She blinked at me, pushing her nerd chic glasses up as she considered my question for a moment.

“I thought you said you took a Physics course…well its like this…”

Anne takes the wrapper from the vending machine sandwich she just ate then bends and creases it slightly, putting it up to her eye as if it were a telescope. Her dark brown eye blinks at me from the bends and slight tear she created in the wrapper and she giggles. The sound is wonderful. I feel my heart race and endorphins flow and my meager physics education comes back, some desperate plea by my body to have my mind impress her so it can keep the feel-good chemicals coming.

“Oh! You can look through it if you bend it and kind of make a lens out of it. But what is there to see if you look through it?”

She shrugs and crumbles the wrapper up, dropping it onto the table.

“Everything? Nothing? I won’t know until I look. And- I’m very close.”

She pauses before she adds the last part, looking around the deserted cafeteria and whispering  it conspiratorially.

“Do you want to see?”

Anne looks up at me, habit causing her to push her glasses back up her nose even though they hadn’t moved. This was supposed to be our second date, I even had movie tickets. I wasn’t hoping for a crash course in physics, at least not this kind. But, whats a guy to do. I smile at her of course.

“Lets go, show me all your secrets.”

She rewards my devotion with a carefree grin and grabs my hand, leading me out of the cafeteria and to her lab. It looks like every b-movie’s generic science lab ever, there is even a most certainly misplaced anatomy model of a heart serving as a paperweight on her desk. She waves distractedly at nothing in particular as we enter.

“Here it is, my stuffs over here.”

I spend the night listening to her talk about her research and letting her show me various devices and tools with mystical functions I will never figure out. We part ways with a kiss and a promise to do it again. And we do. We spend the next few weeks in a routine. She is absorbed in her research, I am absorbed in her. During one of our late night sessions it comes to her. We had been listing our favorite movies in between her waiting for results and myself waiting for her to stand still long enough so I could steal a kiss.

“I’ve got it!”

She yells it like she wants the whole world to hear her and respond. The silence of a university at night is all that greets her. Undeterred by the world’s lack of enthusiasm for her discovery she continues her calculations, moving between her devices like a conductor. Finally her manipulations cease and she taps what I had previously assumed was an extra computer monitor. She hits a button and plops back into my lap.

“Watch close, because you’re about to see what lies on the other side.”

I encircle my arms around her and we watch static fill the screen, then a shaky image fills it, becoming clearer second by second. It fills in and I realize we are looking at the lab that we’re sitting in right now. But….its different somehow. The anatomy model on the desk, it has six chambers instead of four. The pictures on the wall aren’t the same either, and some of the devices Anne has are missing. She sees it all as I see it.

“What lies beyond our reality? Other realities! I knew it! This was my theory, they said it was crazy. That the math didn’t work. But there it is!”

The next couple of weeks go by in even more a blur than the last four. We both ditch classes and spend the majority of our time in her lab. She adjusts the numbers and we look in on other realities, other Earths. Places where dinosaurs still roam, or the sun gives off blue light. We see wonders beyond all wonders. Anne records it all as we survey the myriad of other realities, cataloging them. It is the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of. And she did it all. In a second rate university, in a lab the size of large closet. Amazing, just like her.

At the end of the two weeks we are once again in her lab. We just witnessed an ocean world. Teeming with life abundant and varied, but nothing that could be termed human. An idea strikes me as she gets the coordinates of the next reality ready.

“Hey, what about that first one? We never saw more of that, just your old lab here. I don’t want to be missing something spectacular. Like giant cat people or something.”

Laughing she pulls up the numbers, directing her device back there but this time to what we’ve termed our neutral location, the universities plaza. She punches it in and sits back on me, recalling memories of that fateful night. What fills the screen is not cat people, it is simply wrong. The world is bent and twisted, the sky is a rainbow of colors and broken. There is no sound to the image but something tells me if there was I would be hearing screams. It chills me to the bone. Anne is unconcerned at first, checking her math, checking her dials, and then finally coming to the realization nothing is wrong on her end.

“This…this isn’t right.”

She bites her lip and then hurriedly inputs it all again, this time moving it slightly. It gives us the same hellish vision, only this time the twisting and broken sky seems to be worse. Suddenly the screen goes black and no matter how many times she inputs the numbers she can not recall it. Anne is stumped, there is nothing in her research that provides for this. I have an idea and it makes my stomach turn.

“Anne….put in the coordinates for the second one we looked at.”

I break into her distracted thoughts and she turns as if to reply, then I see realization dawn on her face. I can see the hope and the fear there. She punches them in and we wait breathless, the screen filling with static before becoming crisp and full of a view of another world turned mad funhouse.

“Oh god..”

She says only those two words before she breaks down sobbing. I hold her in my arms, not having any words to sooth her.

What redemption is there for those who destroy everything in existence? Is it alright because it is not our own, perhaps simply a shadow of of our reality? These are questions I can not answer. Instead at this dark hour my limited knowledge of physics is what comes back to haunt me. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. You can’t observe something without changing it. Or in this case, destroying it…

by Nicholas Byrley

Is it still flash fiction if its over 1000 words? I got on a roll tonight, so we’ll just pretend it counts. I’ve had this story bouncing around my head for awhile, just hadn’t found a way to come out yet. Not quite how I imagined it, but the feel is right. Just a tale of science gone wrong and the consequences that follow. The idea of multiple realities is a fascinating if pointless one. Our reality would still be the only one that mattered. But, it’s a fun thought. I hope you all enjoyed it, please comment and forgive any grammar errors. I tend to miss them when I get on a roll.

The Crystal Man

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Gelid X

Millenia upon millenia I have drifted, a lonely voyager in space. I, with my ten siblings, was sent into the cold embrace of an almost lifeless universe. My people, the Gelu, are a very ancient race. Vox, the mighty world gem, could remember when the stars themselves were young. We left our people knowing we would be the last of our kind, knowing our people would perish while we journeyed the stars. Still, we welcomed this task with a glad heart. This was our purpose, after all. We were the best of our people, the brave and intelligent, the heroes. There were ten of us, each chosen for a different time and place where our talents would be the most useful. This was the legacy my people gave the galaxy, hope. Hope against cruel fate and an uncaring cosmos.

Our own people knew their doom, but they also knew the fate of that yet to come. I do not know what became of my brothers and sisters, if they succeeded or failed in their own quests. I only know my task is a most difficult one. Our seers have seen a planet of strife, of wars out of time and dimension. In this place, the future of everything hangs. I must bring peace, I must become a protector. Some of its people will praise me, some will try to destroy me. This is the nature of things. They will call me the Crystal Man. But I will always know I am Gelid X, the 10th and last of the Champions of Gelu. I fight for what was, and what is to come.

I can’t help it, still on a semi sci-fi kick and of course more DC Universe Online. I started up a hero, so he needed a back story and some motivation for his city-destroying rescue efforts. I always enjoy these things and I like trying to come up with semi-plausible origins/backgrounds. Originally he was going to be an escaped slave warrior from some warlord. But, it didn’t pan out. So instead, ancient doomed crystal-people with oracles/seers instead. I don’t have any pictures of the characters handy, haven’t figured out how to transfer them from my PS3 yet. I’ll try to update later and get some pics up, the character creation options in the game are pretty impressive. This’ll fill my gaming nerd quota for the week, so I’ll have a normal post up tomorrow.



Thrusters burn azure, the whole world shakes.

Sky alight with fire, an atmosphere transgressed.

Smart death avoided, steel clouds navigated.

Countdown to insertion, the prelude to battle.

Foreign air gusting, doors standing open.

Precious cargo away, the war continues.

by Nicholas Byrley

I saw this amazing picture and knew there was a poem in there somewhere, this is the result. A dropship setting down on a desolate planet, obviously for some interstellar war of some kind.¬† I also recommend this other ship on the same blog, another excellent sci-fi piece. I’m a big fan of spaceships in general though, so I may be biased. It’s off topic, but I think it’s a shame I’m unlikely to see mass space travel or the colonization of other worlds in my life. I have to live vicariously though the fiction and images of our time instead.

With the time off I have here with my daughter I have resolved to write a short story in the next couple of days. I don’t know an appropriate word length but I’ll research all that and then get started. More than likely it will be fantasy or sci-fi based. I just have to resist the urge I have to turn every story into a epic where I try to create thousands of years of back history. I enjoy creating worlds, but then I get lost in it and get nothing done. I will do my best not to doom another world to an unknown death. So, stay tuned and comments are appreciated as always. Be sure to head over to TXander if you dig the picture and give him a like.

The World Breakers

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The World Breakers

We are the world killers, the life givers.

Down into the depths of a barren globe we plant our payload.

A brilliant blast, an alien earth cracked.

Another horizon lost, a vista shattered into pieces.

The world becomes a meal, fuel for our endless journey.

by Nicholas Byrley

I don’t think Galactus has the whole eating-worlds thing copyrighted, so when this idea came to me this morning over toast I ran with it. Futuristic nomads, wandering the stars, tearing up worlds for fuel and material. They’d obviously need their own wrecking crew. It’s a romantic notion, no?

I stayed up this morning after feeding my daughter, it’s hard to climb back into bed after being used to staying awake at this time. So I indulged in one of my favorite past-times, reading over a cup of hot tea and a plate of toast. Caught up on all the posts that had built up in my reader and actually had time to browse some new ones. I’ve got another hour before I need to wake my wife and daughter up for church, but for now I’ll enjoy the stillness and my tea. Hoping the rest of you all have a blessed peaceful morning like me.

Empire’s End

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Empire’s End

I have stood upon the horizon of a dead earth, an edge world.

Beyond this the sky is blank, the stars dim.

I have reached the terminus of our glorious civilization.

Not by war, not by disease, but by the hand of fate.

The universe has robbed us of our glorious conquest, our endless destiny.

I weep for what is, and what could have been.

To my Emperor I must report my failure, for here our story ends.

by Nicholas Byrley

Ah, space operas. I hear their siren call. There are worlds to conquer, civilizations that must fall, and the universe to explore. Another story fragment turned into a poem, I hope you enjoy it. There is some definite influence here from Alexander, but I hope you’ll forgive me for that. I love the space opera settings; romance, galaxy-moving events, and war. I’m a big fan of Dune, the Deathstalker Series, Foundation, and many others I’m sure I forgot to mention. I have aspirations of writing some space opera fiction of my own some day, but for now I’ll stick to poems about it.

Its another Friday here and I’m spending my Valentine’s Day with my lovely wife. Going to leave the kid with a babysitter and go see a movie together. So I’ll cut myself short here and wish you all a good evening. As always feel free to lurk, like, or comment. I love the feedback.

The Thorn Walker

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Nature’s Dark Avatar

Pain. All the world is pain. Blinding, searing, red-hot, it encompasses everything. It wears me away, chipping bit by bit at my memory, my personality, my ego. It consumes me, it changes me, it makes me stronger. It makes me better. Visions of myself pass before my eyes, my former life. My wasted life. I was nothing, now I am pain. It strips it all away, making me anew. I am different now. I am who I was meant to be, not weak, not frail, not sickly, and definitely not human. I am sharp, I am deadly, I am nature’s dark avatar. I am the Thorn Walker.


So I spent the morning working and then most of this evening playing DC Universe. I have a soft spot for superhero games, the possibilities inherent in the games just drive me crazy. I can create a bow-using super-fast guy who controls electricity? Sign me up! The above is a little blurb/bio for my villain in the game, ThornWalker. Just an average guy turned super and then driven mad by the pain of the transformation. I enjoy making up backgrounds for my characters in RPGs and playing the role in the game. Like for instance the nature powerset this character uses has a Shapeshifting tree I will completely ignore because it doesn’t fit the character. Things like that amuse me and keep my interest in the game longer. Most of the time no one ever knows the random stories involved in my characters or why they do what they do, but ah well. I enjoy weaving a tale about them as I play, it makes it much more entertaining for me.