Double Time

Work harder
Work longer
Sleep not required
Go the distance
Pull yourself up
The world awaits
Grab it if you can
Limits are figments
True determination boundless
Bleed and sweat
Pay your dues
Succeed with effort
Prove it to yourself

By Nicholas Byrley

It’s two poem Wednesday because I didn’t have time to post yesterday. Enjoy.

Two Weeks

Through the haze have gone all of my days.

Lost to the mist, this is the truth I insist.

Fatigued and drawn, into the maze I had gone.

Brick by brick I found my prison of stone stout and thick.

Trapped and consumed, I knew myself to be doomed.

In this moment I saw a light, welcome respite from the blight.

Out of the dark I emerged, free of troubles converged.

Liberated but scarred, in my own play I had starred.

In every end a beginning, finally time to go back to winning.

by Nicholas Byrley

I obviously failed to post this last week, but now I’m finally done with the earlier shift. I wrote this one on Sunday to describe my two weeks of sleep deprivation. I think it does a pretty good job. Gonna go back to the lunch-time poetry starting tomorrow. Hope you all have a good week.


It makes the heart grow fonder.

Sorry for my lack of updates lately. Been on an earlier shift and missing sleep. Lacking the energy to write and post. Gonna do it anyway this week even though I’m still on an earlier shift. I go back to my normal shift next week. Then it should be smooth sailing. So forgive me if I miss any this week. Thanks as always for reading and putting up with my brand of crazy.

Midnight Desire

In my dreams there is always longing.

Meanwhile fatigue competes with desire in my waking mind.

Flesh bears the burden of my exhaustion.

Through this longing persists, manifested by wanting.

Desire is never truely extinguished, intimacys lust ever strong.

A look can quell fatigue, a touch triumph over exhaustion.

Because while flesh must sleep, in my dreams there is always longing.

By Nicholas Byrley

Something on my mind. It’s hard to convey wanting wars with my exhaustion sometimes. Probably the worst part of working three jobs.


Balance, balance, keep the flow.
Don’t blink and stay on the go.
Juggle, juggle, hold it all.
Remember or watch it fall.
Stress, stress, its all too much.
Easy now, don’t lose your touch.
Finish, finish, the end is near.
Pity though, the next day is here.

By Nicholas Byrley

Busy days and busy nights, still no end in sight.