No Way Back

I must be ready to fight as there can be no retreat.

I will fire every bridge I pass, always moving onwards.

My gaze fixed on the horizon, not on the trap of the past.

Relentlessly forward into the unknown, consequences be dammed

Lost and adrift I will scuttle my boat and swim ashore.

The journey is never ended, the fight yet to be won.

By Nicholas Byrley


The Buried Kingdom

It is a struggle that
Does not end with death
The urge to rule, the
Thirst for worldly dominance
In the crypts and in the
Barrows power is still sought
Sacred ground lies corrupted
By warlords of the dammed
From this unlife there is
No true escape
In this game there are no
Winners, only eternity’s curse

By Nicholas Byrley

Got a few poems to post, will work on the backlog today. Also, I’ve been playing too much Dungeon Keeper. I am in the top 100 now though, so I suppose I can cross that off my bucket list…


Years pass and seasons change, time the ultimate voyeur.

Stuff piles up, modern life’s accompanying junk.

Treasured memories gather, stacked into closets and drawers.

All of these things, all of that space.

They occupy whatever they can, providing fertile ground for dust.

In the end all is passing, simple material bound for decay.

Totaled a life they are not, only evidence of its existence.

By Nicholas Byrley

Moving soon and I’ve started the packing phase. Always amazing how much crap you can cram into a place.

Two Weeks

Through the haze have gone all of my days.

Lost to the mist, this is the truth I insist.

Fatigued and drawn, into the maze I had gone.

Brick by brick I found my prison of stone stout and thick.

Trapped and consumed, I knew myself to be doomed.

In this moment I saw a light, welcome respite from the blight.

Out of the dark I emerged, free of troubles converged.

Liberated but scarred, in my own play I had starred.

In every end a beginning, finally time to go back to winning.

by Nicholas Byrley

I obviously failed to post this last week, but now I’m finally done with the earlier shift. I wrote this one on Sunday to describe my two weeks of sleep deprivation. I think it does a pretty good job. Gonna go back to the lunch-time poetry starting tomorrow. Hope you all have a good week.


It makes the heart grow fonder.

Sorry for my lack of updates lately. Been on an earlier shift and missing sleep. Lacking the energy to write and post. Gonna do it anyway this week even though I’m still on an earlier shift. I go back to my normal shift next week. Then it should be smooth sailing. So forgive me if I miss any this week. Thanks as always for reading and putting up with my brand of crazy.

The Seeker’s Goal

It is a journey of a
Thousand steps and more
A quest that seeks the
Familiar hearth, a place
On which to rest my boots
I can not say on what
Shore I might find it
Not do I know if I
Will recognize it by sight
It is a place of the
Future obscured by nostalgia
All that is certain is that
It awaits me out there

By Nicholas Byrley

The search for a house to rent continues! Also, I’m still short 1 poem this week. Trying to rectify that still.

Time Bleeds

I can feel it seeping out, one drop at a time.

The wound is never healed,  stitches always ripped.

In conversations, at red lights, any given moment.

The day gradually drains away, losing the fight.

Every dawn brings a fresh cut and a struggle.

It is with this pains that we must live our lives.

By Nicholas Byrley

Sorry for no poem yesterday, I’ll have another up later today.